Students and guarantees of Faculty of Engineering

Students and guarantees of Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering Division)


We planned to begin Spring-2020 semester from April 9th (Thu); however, Faculty of Engineering decided to postpone all major courses until April 23rd (Thu) as below (1 to 5).

The University is now considering how to provide other courses provided by General Education and other faculties. When you have any concerns, please ask each department.

1. All major courses of Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering and Science (Engineering Division) will be provided from April 23rd (Thu).

2. To prevent infection of COVID-19, keep staying in Okinawa and DO NOT come to the University until April 22nd (Wed).

3. April 22nd (Wed) is the final day of registration adjustment period. When you add/cancel courses, contact the instructors by e-mail and get the permission code to do it.

4. Due to the postponement of beginning of courses, the study hours of Spring-2020 semester would be shorter. Course instructors provide you distance classes or assignments to guarantee your study hours.

5. Schedule will be changed according to the future situation, so make sure to keep checking the Faculty’s website and University’s website to get the latest information.

April 3rd, 2020

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Tomohisa Wada

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