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Engineering is a general term for technology which is backed up by scientific researches. Given as one of the first ways that human intelligence manifested itself using tools to accomplish tasks, Engineering is regarded as the integration of human intelligence for the purpose of advancing human welfare. It is Engineering that applies the law, the principle, and the knowledge, which have been obtained by science, to human life and welfare, and contributes to the development and prosperity of humankind. Engineering has been served as a secure foundation for safe and wealthy society, which has made millions of human dreams, wishes and conveniences. The Faculty of Engineering aims to educate students the science and technology and pave the way for further development.

The educational goals of the Faculty of Engineering at University of the Ryukyus are “to educate the students who have wide knowledge of the liberal arts and engineer’s moral, high level technical knowledge, to be able to contribute the society, conservation of regional environment, and to have both wealthy creativity and activity”. The Faculty of Engineering consists of one department including seven specific technical programs as below.

  • Mechanical Engineering Program
  • Energy and Environment Program
  • Electrical and Systems Engineering Program
  • Electronic and Communication Engineering Program
  • Civil Engineering Program
  • Architecture and Building Engineering Program
  • Computer Science and Intelligent Systems Program

Given the recent advances and the wide areas of specialization in science and technology, engineers and researchers are required to possess a high level of intelligence and a keen power of observation. Then our goal is to develop students with an advanced level of academic expertise, strong creative curiosity, and the ability to practically apply their engineering skills to real life.

Our faculty is continually striving to improve the quality of our teaching and our curricula. All bachelor programs have been authorized by URGCC (University of the Ryukyus Global Citizen Curriculum). In addition, we are providing a special “Global Engineering (GE) program” including 4 years bachelor course and 2 years master’s course for developing Engineers who can play key role with foreign countries. 10 % of bachelor students can register GE program.

Our Master’s program is offered to students who want to further develop their fields of specialization, while a doctoral program is offered to those students whose career goal is to go into research. We are very proud of the facts that students from all over the world, including Asia and Pacific Island countries, are enrolled in our faculty and graduate school. We also offer special graduate course lectures given entirely in English as Smart City Human Resources Development Program with backed up by MEXT scholarship.

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