Interdisciplinary Intelligent Systems Engineering Course

Two divisions of this course, Environmental and Information Engineering,
and Electronics and Information Engineering, offer education and research in the fields of Urban Environmental Design,
Intelligent Design and Planning Technology for the Living Environment, Intelligent Systems Engineering,
Electric and Electronic Systems, Intelligent Robotics, and Control and Information Engineering.

Environment and Information Engineering

Research and development are promoted in the following fields: Environmental
Architectural Planning, Urban Planning Systems, Architectural Design for the Tropics,
Social Space Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Natural Language Processing,
Biological Cybernetics, Software Systems, and Parallel and Distributed Systems.

Experiments of Intelligent Security Camera System (ISCAS) which detects criminal incidents automatically during the surveillance.

Electronics and Information Engineering

Research and development are made in the following fields: Electric
and Electronic Control Systems, Electronic Measurement Systems,
Electromagnetic Field Theory, System Stability, Intelligent Systems,
and Optimal System Design.

Underwater wireless robot control experiment in Yomitan Bay, Okinawa.

Marine and Environmental Sciences

Description of Science division of the Program is omitted.

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