Civil Engineering and Architecture Course

Civil Engineering and Architecture Course consists of three division; Environmental Planning and
Design, Structural Design Engineering, and Environmental Disaster Prevention Engineering. The aim
of this course is to train the students to be professional engineers and researchers who can work
as engineering experts for sustainable development of the earth with consideration of ever lasting
relationship between human and nature, peaceful coexistence of both, and prevention of natural

Environmental Planning and Design

Education and research topics are; Planning of Civil engineering, Disaster prevention planning,
Urban and regional planning, Architectural planning, Landscape design and Environmental engineering.

A thermogram for the thermal environment in a street

Structural Design Engineering

This division is engaged in education and research within the fields of Elastoplastic
Analysis of Structure, Structural Engineering, Concrete Engineering and Structural Design System.


Environmental Disaster Prevention Engineering

Education and research fields of this division are in Geomechanics, Foundation Engineering,
Wind and Earthquake Resistant Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, and Coastal Environmental Engineering.

An experiment on the seismic response of stone masonry arch structures using a shaking table
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