Mechanical Systems Engineering Course

Mechanical Systems Engineering Course consists of three divisions: Design, Analysis and
Processing of Engineering Materials, Thermal and Fluid Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence and
Mathematical Engineering. The course trains students becoming professional engineers and
researchers with advanced knowledge and techniques in the fields of materials, energy, dynamics,
control, and processing.

Design, Analysis and Processing Engineering Materials

This division provides education and research within the fields of Engineering Materials,
Strength of Materials, Engineering Design Systems, Processing Systems, and Mechanical Systems Dynamics.

Ultrasonic beam apparatus for products heating

Thermal and Fluid Engineering

This division offers education and research related to Thermal Engineering, Fluid Engineering,
Heat Transfer, Fluid Machinery, and Energy Systems Engineering.

Experiment of supersonic jets

Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Engineering

Education and research of this division fall within Measurement Systems,
Control Engineering, Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering, and High Energy Manufacturing Processes.

Design and assembly of self-controlled robot system
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