Graduate School of Engineering and Science

Academics – graduate school of Engineering and Science

The modern and advanced science and technology significantly affect natural circumstances and human societies, and gradually change them. In such present days, those who are concerning with science and technology have to investigate symbioses/balance between human life and circumstances.
The graduate school (engineering division) is organized with two categories; master’s course which is established directly on the undergraduate departments, and doctoral course in which all master’s courses are taken apart and rebuilt into two courses. The figure shows the formation of graduate school of engineering fields. With advancing technical knowledge and researches at undergraduate course, graduate students develop unknown scientific field and improve their own abilities to resolve difficult problems.
In order to answer to requests by society, we generalize and interdisciplinarize sciences and engineering, and develop new research fields. And then, we educate students who progress themselves, learn technical knowledge by themselves, and acquire broad outlook and global sense. Moreover, we open the graduate course to outside and accept some researchers and specialists who are working at industrial companies, and offer them opportunities for high level education and researches. Besides, we accept many international students from many countries and respond to international requests. We, furthermore, settle special international graduate course and strive for more international contribution.

Master’s Program

Doctoral Program

With the consecutiveness of the Undergraduate courses,
Master’s Program will be more flexible in its education and research,
offering new and interdisciplinary fields of studies and research.Four major
engineering courses lead to a degree of Master of Engineering in Mechanical
Systems Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Electrical
and Electronics Engineering, and Information Engineering.

The doctoral Program will be able to respond to rapid advancement of science
and technology of today and future by organizing the faculty and research staff
in the Faculty of Engineering so that they offer new frontier interdisciplinary
and overlapping high-tech fields of research and studies; and, particularly,
attractive fields which are relevant to the subtropical and oceanographic
environment of our university. The program consists of two courses,
each of which leads to a degree of Doctor of Engineering. Graduate students
will first decide their own subjects of study and study plans under conduct
of their professors and engage themselves in research works. The students also
take several advanced courses so that they can comprehend fundamental theories
and widely adaptable knowledge and techniques for future professional engineering

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